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1input CreateFreeCodingTaskInput {
2# Unique task name, which will also be used as the name of the function signature
3# in the code.
4# Has to be a valid identifier - should start with a letter and should not contain
5# spaces.
6name: String!
8# The title of the task is the more user-friendly version of the task name.
9title: String
11description: String
13# The list of all the languages that are allowed to be used in this task,
14# or an empty list to allow all possible languages.
15allowedLanguages: [CodingLanguageName]
17# A list that describes customized execution time limits for one or more
18# languages.
19# If a language is not specified in the list, its execution time limit will be set
20# to the default.
21# In particular, you can pass an empty list to reset the time limits for all
22# languages to the default.
23timeLimits: [LanguageTimeLimit]

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